Friday, March 2, 2012

“How would I use blogs, wikis and delicious with my EFL students?”

Using technology in the class is very important these days. Blog, wiki and delicious are from the most important sites using to help students to improve their skills in reading, writing, listening and speaking. I will use them with my students because I think they will help them a lot, to improve themselves.


Blog is a website that allows people to write their ideas, thoughts, reflections and share with others. It is an useful website that I will use with my EFL students. It helps students to improve their skills in reading, writing and increase their vocabularies. For example giving students topics and asking them to write about or uploading articles to write their reflections about it. In addition, it helps shy students to participate and be active in the course. It encourages students to collaborate with each other through asking them to write their comments about colleagues' post.


wikis: To use wiki with my students, I would divide the class into groups; each group will have their wiki. I’ll post some topics related to our course, each group will select a topic and collect information about it, post it in their group wiki and discuss it with their classmates. .

      I will ask them to add adjectives and adverbs to a given story.

      I may give them a video and ask each group to write a summary about what they understand from this clip.


Delicious is a website that allows people to save, share and discover hyperlinks. If I were teacher, I will use this website with my EFL students through giving my students links or asking them to put links related to their lessons such as activities, extra reading or games , or putting links that contain eBooks to develop my students knowledge in learning English language.

In conclusion,using of websites such as blogs, wiki and Delicious in teaching can be a powerful and effective technology tool for students and teachers alike.

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  1. Thanks for adding good tips for using the tools in your classroom. Now I know you will add some of them into your final project wiki.