Saturday, May 5, 2012

“How would you use Real English website with 1st grade students-intermediate school in Yanbu”


I will talk about how I would use Real English website with my 1st grade students.

I put many steps for my students and I will ask them to follow.

First, I will create a group in yahoo for them and ask them to participate after creating an email in yahoo.

Second, I will give them the link for the website and ask them to go to the lessons orderly from the first lesson to the last one and do the exercises.

Third, I will ask them if they benefited from the website or not.

Fourth, I will ask them to go to the yahoo group and write what they benefited and share the informations with each other .

Fifth, I will teach them the wordle and let them write the new words that they have learned from the website.

Sixthly, I will create a quiz for them to know if they really learned or I should give them another link.

I will ask them to follow the steps and see the results.

Hhhhhhhh, you maybe feel like this fly’s feeling at the beginning,but do not worry you will be a good student after practicing and they will clap at you actually.