Friday, February 17, 2012

"Application of Bax Normilasation in Saudi Arabia: The how!"

Stephan Bax argues that, "Our aim should be to attain a state of `normalisation' in which the technology is invisible and truly integrated"

In the article, CALL—past, present and future, which written by Stephen Bax ,he argues 3 categories. His aim is to attain a state of normalization which the technology is invisible and truly integrated. This leads to use technology in learning and use it as new way for teaching in classrooms and dealing with it as anything practicing daily. He suggested changes to achieving normalization. CALL will be normalized if it becomes invisible and respond to the all requirements of the students. It needs changes in technology and attitude and also changes in the syllabus. Students have to learn more about technology and dealing with it daily as any essential and usual thing like pen or shoes and they also need to know how to use diverse technological tools every time, not just using computers in labs weekly.

In Saudi Arabia, I think we can achieve normalization .But first we should follow many steps:
1-The teacher should explain to the students what is technology?. What are the goals from using technological devices?. How we can use them in the right way?.
2-Prepare the schools and universities with the technological devices to apply what we have learned. Like projectors, computers, laptops and smart boards.

3- After these steps they can apply what they have learner easily. They will have fun by using these devices. Also, the teacher may interact with his/her students by using communication networks. Such as, twitter ,facebook, you tube, blogger and wikis and many other examples as we have learned in(EDU401).

It can be a way to involve the education by interesting ways, like tecnology.Some modern educational systems have used tecnology as an intertainament education way.
I think if they applied all these steps and began to use the technology at the schools and universities, they will improve teaching process.
I know it will take time, but we will success if we are motivated enough.


  1. You are right Ameerah :)
    Students should have a clear background about technology in order to use it in the right way.

  2. using twitter ,facebook, you tube, blogger and wikis are truly useful tools to keep in touch with students. I really wish to see these things applied in our schools. It will also help teachers to get more feedback from students and find out what they might miss in the class, so she'll direct them to websites.
    Wow! I can see that students will learn more.

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  4. I strongly agree with what Atheer and Roa'a said
    Students need to know how to use technology in the correct way,also all these technologies will improve the educational system.

  5. Dear Ameerah,
    Welcome to the blogsphere!
    You are right in the three points you've suggested, but I think number two should come first; preparing all educational settings with the required infrastructure before asking teachers to familiarize themselves with technology.
    Very good suggestions!
    Keep up the good work!

  6. Ameerah,
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