Tuesday, April 3, 2012

website evaluation

I chose this website .you can learn English online.  It has English lessons that are aimed at the beginner although people with a little experience of English may find some parts useful. It is like a teacher. You can learn English without a teacher. I found it very good. I give it 4 out of 5. The content of the website is very good, it is complete but the design of the website is not good. I think if they add some pictures, it will be nice. It is very organized. They gave instructions to benefit from it. Its features are good. They show the objectives of it. But I think if they put a long introduction and some pictures and vocabularies, it will be a good definition for the website purpose.

The second website is . It improves your speaking skill. It is an academy that have three teachers who help you to improve your speaking.  You can register by your email and then they send you emails for a week. Then, if you want to continue, you should pay money to them. You can talk with the other members. You can buy lessons from it. I found it very excellent. I gave it 5 out of 5. The content is very clear. They benefit everything. Also, the design is very nice. It is complete. Its features enhanced the main purpose of the website. Anyone who open the link, he will know the purpose of it from its features. They used pictures like headphones to indicate that it is for speaking and listening. They put the teachers pictures. They put some videos, some instructions. They wrote some vocabularies that indicate the main purpose.  

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